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Watch our Co-Founders share their own stories of food and body struggles
Dr. Jen's Story
Dr. May's Story
You see, we didn’t get here just because we have fancy diplomas on our walls. But rather, we got here because WE HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES in one way or another, and truth be told: We have invested a heck of a lot to dig our way out of our own food and body obsessions to ultimately be free. 
Don’t be stuck in that waiting place any longer. 
Don’t get caught thinking that there will be a better time, or place, or whatever! Nothing good happens in that type of thinking…just regret, sadness, disappointment and (thanks to social media) the ever popular comparing game.
Now is your time. And this is your place.
We are Dr. May and Dr. Jen and not only have we overcome our own food and weight obsessions, but we have helped thousands of women over the last 25 years combined, and have now spent the last 5 years collaborating with renowned experts to put together a program that actually works when it comes to this challenging and often stubborn area.
85% of our participants are reporting a shift in their relationship with 
food and their weight.
What would it feel like if you could stop the obsessing and endless hours of 
stress about your weight, what you look like, and what you are eating? 
Join us for our next Conscious Eating Course
In this 6-week virtual course, you will discover what is keeping you stuck to a life where food is controlling you and how to let go, once and for all, so your primary relationship in life is no longer with food, it’s with yourself and with others.
Imagine what you could accomplish with:
  •  TRANSFORMATION AND SUCCESS guided by experts who deeply understand your struggle
  •  RESULTS you want with strong accountability that is still loving and supportive
  •  CHANGE THAT LASTS with a different awareness of what is really causing your food struggle
  •  NEW FRIENDS who truly understand and support you in a global community
  •  A RECONNECTION TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE beyond this food struggle
  •  FREEDOM of your time, money, and energy.
Listen, there are some journeys in life that you want to take alone. 
This is not one of them. 
Consider us your partners on this path to food freedom. Let us help you get untethered from all the things that are holding you down and keeping you stuck in a life you don’t really want .
“I found a new vitality through this program. It gave me my life back, 
except better” 
~ Sarah , program participant
This life changing course includes:
  • One core webinar each week that provides the overview and basic teachings of how to live your life with new guidelines designed to give you freedom
  •  Live conscious eating experiences where you will be guided step-by-step to a new way of eating that will support you in slowing down and eating according to what your body truly needs
  •  A guidebook to help you understand and implement a new way of being, interacting and living with food and your body day to day
  •  Group calls with our nutritionist to offer essential advice on food success 
  •  Private Facebook Page just for women in this course that is moderated by the Co-Founders and recent graduates to support your journey throughout the week 
  •  A community of like-minded women from all over the globe who speak the language of transformation and are ready to embrace the fullness of their lives 
  •  A lifetime membership opportunity at the end of your course 
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