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TAKE A QUANTUM LEAP in your current relationship with food with our 1 Day Workshop!
(July 14th - in person or virtually via Zoom!)
These may be tough questions to answer, but have you recently thought...
  • I’m tired of being so unhappy when I look in the mirror.
  •  I hate my body and blame myself. I ask myself, how could I have let this happen?
  •  Why bother to try another diet or exercise regime? It won’t work because it never does.
  •  I’m tired of turning down opportunities because I’m too embarrassed of my body and don’t want to be seen.
  •  Will this constant battle with food and my body ever end?
  •  Life is passing me by, I’m missing out on it, and it’s not okay anymore!
Don't you think it's time to give yourself a break? 

It’s time to stop the cycle of obsessiveness, guilt and self-loathing and start a new relationship with yourself and with your eating.
Actual Participants (REAL PEOPLE!) discuss 
The Conscious Eating Program!
As a psychotherapist who helps people establish a new relationship with food and with their bodies, the Aliveness Program is an essential component for anyone addressing these difficult concerns. The curriculum creates an educational experience whereby my patients have been able to integrate the knowledge gained with a deeper understanding of themselves.

The Aliveness Program provides that platform whereby people can experience a “paradigm shift” in what was previous faulty thinking, in a safe, group setting.

– Sammi Siegel, PhD, LMHC (Miami, FL)
I have to admit that I was very hesitant in starting the Aliveness course. I felt that I had tried everything and that life was as good as it was going to get. I finally trusted the advice of a member of my professional team and decided to give it a shot.

My experience with the Aliveness Program has been a very positive one. It has made me feel more empowered than ever before. I have gone through many years of therapy where I was able to learns certain tools to assist in my recovery. But it was the Aliveness Program that gave me the feeling of confidence and unconditional love and support in order to put these skills and tools into use. I love being a member of such a supportive community. I know that I can go on Facebook any day and either post my daily experiences and get feedback or just read other posts and be supportive to someone else.

This program is under the leadership of two wonderful women that I have grown to trust. They have taught me how to listen to my body and trust my instincts. Thank you Aliveness Program for helping me live in the moment and truly be “alive.” I challenge you to give it a shot. You have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain in this experience!

– Kimberly R, program graduate
Through this program, I found true freedom from my food and body struggles. I was able to disconnect my emotions from my eating and allow myself to be in tune with myself like I had never been before. I learned how to truly listen to my body and move into a life where my physical, logical, and emotional cues aligned.
Right now, food and body image challenges are a mere whisper in my head instead of a loud, booming voice. Thank you to Aliveness Programs for helping me get my life back.
– Tatyana, program graduate

We are Dr. May and Dr. Jen and not only have we overcome our own food and weight obsessions, but we have helped thousands of women over the last 25 years combined, and have now spent the last 5 years collaborating with renowned experts to put together a program that actually works when it comes to this challenging and often stubborn area.
Our participants are reporting an 
85% shift in their relationship with food and their weight.

Real people, REAL RESULTS!
The thing is, as much as you feel this food struggle is your enemy, it’s actually trying desperately to show you that something much deeper is going on. It’s your body’s way of alerting you that something is up…
Food Struggles are always about so much more than they seem.
Until you focus on all aspects of who you are as a person, lasting success is almost impossible. 
And that’s exactly why we have put together this amazing program. so you can stop thinking that 
you are the problem, and start seeing clear direction that works. 
What would it feel like if you could stop the obsessing and endless hours of 
stress about your weight, what you look like, and what you are eating? 
Join us for our Conscious Eating 1 Day Workshop.
(in person or virtually via Zoom!)
 "I'm really excited to take my life on from an Aliveness point of view. It's not just about eating to lose weight or to fuel yourself. It's about eating for aliveness - and that's really resonated with me. I thought am I actually going to do that? 
And with the support of Aliveness, I find myself doing that everyday."   
– Bonni S, program graduate
In this 1 day in-person or virtual program, followed by a 6 week virtual course, you will discover what is keeping you stuck to a life where food is controlling you and how to let go, once and for all, so your primary relationship in life is no longer with food, it’s with yourself and with others.
Imagine what you could accomplish with:
  •  TRANSFORMATION AND SUCCESS guided by experts who deeply understand your struggle
  •  RESULTS you want with strong accountability that is still loving and supportive
  •  CHANGE THAT LASTS with a different awareness of what is really causing your food struggle
  •  NEW FRIENDS who truly understand and support you in a global community
  •  A RECONNECTION TO WHO YOU REALLY ARE beyond this food struggle
  •  FREEDOM of your time, money, and energy.
Listen, there are some journeys in life that you want to take alone. 
This is not one of them. 
Consider us your partners on this path to food freedom. Let us help you get untethered from all the things that are holding you down and keeping you stuck in a life you don’t really want .
“I found a new vitality through this program. It gave me my life back, 
except better” 
~ Sarah , program graduate
This life changing Workshop includes:
  • A community of like-minded women from all over the globe who speak the language of transformation and are ready to embrace the fullness of their lives
  •  Working directly with psychologists who specialize in food and body issues
  •   Working directly with a nutritionist who will help you with your food choices during the day 
  • Conscious Eating meal and live experience included at Seasons 52 in your workshop price - learn more below
Seasonally inspired menus featuring ingredients at their peak of freshness. Rustic cooking techniques like brick oven roasting and open-fire grilling that bring out natural flavors. And an ever-changing selection of global wines. All in a casually sophisticated setting. 
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